Revenge of the Nerds

The Age of the Nerd is reaching new heights.  The last 20 years have seen Steve Urkel give way to Chuck (and the real-life folk hero Mark Zuckerberg).  In some ways nerds have always ended up on top, but it’s never been so chic to be geek.  Nerds are not, however, a homogenous group.  In the Eighties it was theoretical physicists that swept Wall Street.  Now computer scientists and software engineers rule the day.  This has resulted in exponential growth in computing power and web-based applications that have created a corresponding accumulation of data.  We’ve been swept away by a data deluge.  The next generation of nerds who rise to power will be the ones who can harness that tide, and I’m not convinced they will be computer scientists.  It’s highly probable that they will be Statisticians.


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