Studies Show that…

…brushing your teeth may reduce your risk of heart disease.

This beauty comes from a safety bulletin posted in a men’s room at my current job.  I can’t remember if I actually yelled out loud when I read about this hot-off-the-press university study, but it did feel like my head was going to explode.  The first part of the article discussed strange, implausible connections between good oral hygiene and heart health.  Buried somewhere deep down (was it a footnote?) the article mentioned the possibility that many folks with poor oral hygiene drink, smoke, eat lots of sugar or any number of things that are much more likely to contribute to heart disease.  But that’s boring and won’t convince a soul to floss.

So by all means brush twice a day and floss regularly; it’s good for your teeth and your close friends and family.  But I wouldn’t count on it reducing your risk of heart disease.


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